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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), headaches are extremely frequent . Rather we should say the headaches, as there are many types. In this article we will analyze the 12 most frequent types of headaches , and we will know their symptoms, causes and possible treatments. Types of headaches As we anticipated, the WHO notes that almost all people suffer from headaches […]
Currently, stress is considered to be  mental fatigue caused by performance and demands that are superior to those we can withstand. < It usually causes various pathologies, both physical and mental. From Psychology and Mind we want to address the different types of stress and the causal agents that cause it. Types of stress, its characteristics and effects Stress is a […]
  When we talk about health, it is usual for many people to think about physical health, as a person suffers or does not suffer from an illness. However, the concept of health is much broader and covers other areas of our life . There are different definitions of this concept, but one of the most […]

Types of abortion

On May 4, 2019

What abortion is about When we speak of abortion we refer to the interruption of pregnancy, or more specifically, to the interruption of the gestation of the embryo abruptly during the first 180 day

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