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What is the urinary system ? One of the mechanisms that the human body has to get rid of body wastes is the urinary system . There, urine is produced and stored, and then removed in a complex process involving the kidneys, urethra and bladder. Each of these elements has a specific function that I will be talking about in […]
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), headaches are extremely frequent . Rather we should say the headaches, as there are many types. In this article we will analyze the 12 most frequent types of headaches , and we will know their symptoms, causes and possible treatments. Types of headaches As we anticipated, the WHO notes that almost all people suffer from headaches […]
The human body is made up of 37 trillion cells , which are the unity of life. It is not surprising that we find a great diversification between them in order to carry out different functions, allowing us to complement and cover the vital needs of an organism, such as the maintenance of body structure,  nutrition and  breathing . It is […]

Types of biology

On July 14, 2019

As any science that boasts, biology diversifies its efforts in different disciplines to cover the greatest possible knowledge. This is something necessary, because every time there is more informat

Within all the systems that make up the body, the endocrine system is that constituted by the hormones and the glands that produce them. The vast majority of the body’s processes – including reproduction, metabolism, growth and sleep – are the task of eight fundamental glands that act through chemical signals . Today we are going to show you interesting facts to know […]
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